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About Dorelia Cosmetics

We are DORELIA COSMETICS Ltd. - a company dedicated to search,

find and offer natural beauty products from Rose Valley –

one of the most famous and richest regions in Bulgaria.

Our dream and aim is - to make it popular worldwide. We select every product with care and love, we test it and recommend it to you as we believe that everybody deserves only the best. Our portfolio includes a big variety of products – from different cosmetics for women and men like shampoos, hair-conditioners, masks, shower-gels, anti-aging creams, body scrubs and creams – to SPA products – scented candles, handmade glycerin soaps, air-fresheners, bath salts, herbal aroma pillows, fragranced pearls; and traditional Bulgarian gourmet – rose jams and juices, honey and 100 % fruit spreads. And last but not least – we offer the worldwide famous Bulgarian rose oil, rose water and dry blossoms, made from Rosa Damascena – the queen of beauty. You can find on our web-site:

  • Cosmetics for face, body, hair as well as whole series – for women and men
  • SPA – scented candles, bath salts, herbal aroma pillows, air fresheners, handmade glycerin soaps, dry blossoms, fragranced pearls
  • Gourmet – jams, honey, syrups; 100 % fruit spreads, pine extract, fig preserve, gold line
  • Rose products – rose water; rose oil; rose essences; rose gourmet – rose jams, syrups, honey; dry blossoms


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ROSE FESTIVAL – The first Rose festival took place in 1903 year in Kazanlak – the biggest town in the region – and was dedicated to the beauty and cherity. In 2013 year we celebrated 110 years Anniversary. The festival program included the traditional rose-picking ritual and rose – distillation that gives you a true feeling of authenticity and the coronation of the Queen Rose. The festival ended with a street procession and International Folklore Festival.





For more than three centuries the fame of the Bulgarian Rose oil has remained unsurpassed in quality and fragrance. Its name has been always related with Rose Valley situated in the centre of Bulgaria  where natural conditions are exclusively favourable for the growth of the so-called Rosa damascena Mill. /Damascus rose/. The Valley of Roses has become the home of the fragrant flower transported from the East. Its soil has nourished its roots with new saps and the rose has gradually turned into a new type known today as Bulgarian Rose.
Attracted by the fragrance and beauty of the rose people thousands of years ago have shown interest in the fragrant flower. Greek mythology has dedicated the rose to Aphrodite and Dyonisus. According to the ancient Hellenes the rose was born from the sea foam, like Aphrodite. Sapho praised the flower as a symbol of beauty, love and youth. Homer tells us that Hector's dead body was embalmed by Aphrodite with fragrant roses. Herodotus praised the rose gardens of king Midas in Thrace. Old Egyptian writings show that the rose was known in the times of Ramses II. The Egyptian used rose products for their famous balsams for embalming the bodies of the dead.






Located in the real center of Bulgaria, between two mountains – Balkan and Sredna gora, the Rose Valley is the home of Rosa Damascena – the queen of beauty.  May and June are the most majestic months in the region, as the rose fields are blossoming and the entire valley is fulfilled with their fragrance.





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